Hoxie 21 Mission Statement | Success against the grain

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Our goal is to enable the community to share their experiences and inspire other members of the community to share stories and materials and one day we might take our rightful place in history. It is also important for us to establish "yes", there was Black Life in Northeast Arkansas by establishing the following:

  • Provide an insight into the African American life in northeastern Arkansas.
  • Promote the African American historical remembrances, courage, efforts and historical awareness of the Hoxie School desegregation which preceded any strategic planning.
  • Provide a broader than textbook perspective of the event, promote historical awareness and the discipline of public history, thereby preserving the legacy of the Hoxie21 students and their families and also sharing collectively their stories to preserve and provide historical information that promotes multicultural diversity.
  • Recognize a small community for their bravery and courage during this 1955 experience in a little town called Hoxie.

As living legacies, we want to share our roles and experiences and provide an understanding, awareness and create a forum for educational outreach opportunities. we plan to create a forum that will encourage conversations that recognize and address both past and present social inequities.

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